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Cleric Tanking 101 and spec

Ok ... first here is the spec I am running on Naus, it has worked successfully in
Expery IT, well enough on the final boss that I did not have to move, I was able to soak the damage during the ground pounds by using my convictions for 4 doctrines of loyalty healing myself and the party during each of the ground pounds:


It is not a full 51 tree of justicar, and yes I know you are giving up 8% additional armor, however the combined utility while still effectively tanking I think is worth it, and may be agreed upon by those that have run with me so far.

I am running 2 main macros, one for single targets/bosses, and one for multi targets/AoE:

Single Target spam:
/cast Glory of the Chosen
/cast Fated Blow
/cast Censure
/cast Bolt of Radiance
/cast Precept of Refuge
/cast Strike of Judgment (yes they spelled judgement wrong)

...Glory of the Chose and Fated Blow are both instant cast, non-causing global cooldown reactive abilities, glory is a self heal when you get hit with a critical and fated blow is after you dodge or parry, both things will happen while you are tanking and being non-causing of global cooldowns, they do not affect you other justicar abilities within the macro. Even though Mien of Leadership reduces the non justicar heals and damage by 40%, as they do not affect your global cooldowns, there is no reason to not have them in your macro. Also, for your macro your reactive abilities should be at the front of your macro, followed by your cooldown abilities, then one instant cast with no cooldown (as only one can be in a macro). I did not add Sovereignty to this macro as I want to have that seperate for targeting other mobs or adds so I can tag or pull them if they are not agro'd, it's an additional ranged attack, and without the ability for a justcar to pull mobs to them, such as a warrior can do, it is useful to have this seperated for this purpose.

Multi/AoE spam:
/cast Glory of the Chosen
/cast Fated Blow
/cast Precept of Refuge
/cast Even Justice

Fairly straight simple, once again we have the two shaman reactive abilites, followed by Precept of Refuge for block rating, and a constant hit on Even Justice will hit up to 5 mobs in your frontal cleave area.


Salvation: Your damaging justicar abilities heal you for 25% of the damage you deal, as well as your non justcar abilities heal you for 11% (I am adding the percentages from talents)

Cavalier: Your life based damaging abilities grant you a convition for 30 seconds. These stack to 4, and are used in your self heals, group heals, healing the target of your righteous mandate, and your precept of refuge which is used for blocking.

Reparation: This buff heals your party for 25% of the damage you deal with justicar abilities and 10% of all other damaging abilities.

Mien of Leadership: This is your tanking buff, it adds armor, threat, health...it does reduce non justicar healing and damage by 40%, however if those are reacitve abilities that do not cause global cooldowns such as glory of the chosen and fated blow, they are free rotational spells, so use them.

Vengence of the Winter Storm: Additional water damage on all attacks, not much but every bit counts.

Courage of the Jaguar: at level 50 this gives 40 dexterity to your party...this provides attack power, physical critical hit, and dodge, there is no reason not to be running this buff.

Armor of Devotion: 6 points in Inquisitor gets you this buff, it provides you 50 endurance at level 50, as well as 3% critical hit on your damaging abilities.

Righteous Mandate: I usually place this on my healer. Any overheal I get from my salvation goes to this target. Also there are two spells that are used in conjunction with this:
....Doctrine of Righteousness heals the target of your Righteous Mandate and uses a convition.
....Reprieve: Heals you and the Tgt of your RM for 3464 to 3475 health, with spell power you and your healer get healed for about 4K health, so its a nice heal to have if you get smacked and the healer needs a chunk of help, or if your healer is hurting and needs to be healed without having to worry about themselves.

...On single or two mob pulls you can Bolt of Radiance one and use Sovereignty on the second. At that point its a matter of determinging LoS issue if there are casters and getting them grouped up. If it is just the one mob, you are using your single target macro, if there are two, use the multi target macro.

...Three or more mobs: Just prior to the pull place Just Defense on yourself, this 2K+ shield gives the healer a buffer for your incoming damage and he will need to heal you less initially as you grab agro. If there are casters you will need to LoS them, or if you have a warrior for yanking a single caster this works, or a cabalist using maelstrom to pull up to 5 to you from 15m away. Practice LoS, as you can not always count on having someone there to do your work for you. You are the tank, if there is help there feel free to use it, just don not become dependent on their skills, as they may not have the cooldowns up for the added assistance.
........Once you have pulled and either gone to the group of mobs, or LoS'd your targets, your DPS'rs NEED TO WAIT. On group pulls, you will be using your Just defence for a buffer, and when you get to the mobs, or when they get close to you, USE Righteous Imperative, it will force up to 10 enemies to attack you, at that point they should all be on you, hit your Even Justice one to actually smack them and get more initial agro, then start your Multi/AoE Macro.

Your biggest problem is usually either HoT's on you from a healer, or an over zealous DPS'r, so be aware of where the mobs are going or if they are ranged mobs, try to pay attention if they are shooting you, or your healers/dps'rs.

PRECEPT OF REFUGE and ENDLESS WINTER are your bread and butter for mana. Fully talented Precept returns 5% of your maximum mana whenever you block, as well as providing 20% to your block, it will always hit, so it is also an additional attack. Endless Winter is your 16th and 17th points in the shaman tree, every time you crit with melee attacks you get 4% of your maximum mana back......in addition to those, you do have Ageless Ice and Purpose, both of which return 10% of your maximum mana back for 10 seconds when you use cleric melee abilities/attacks and they do not affect global cooldowns.
......An example of how effective mana-wise these two abilites are, combined the melee attack mana regens: The last boss in Expert IT I was able to tank him in place without having to run out of the ground pound. When he would ground pound I would burn 4 convitions casting 4 Doctrines of Loyalty thus healing myself and the party without having to move. My healer got hit with the random attack that takes around 80% of his healer, I was able to hit reprieve on him, bringing him back to full healer as well as healing myself, without the healer having to stop healing me...in addtion I could have also spammed Doctrine of Righteousness to heal him, either option is useful as the heals still give threat to me as the tank and heal my healer, taking stress off of him. During the fight, one of our DPS melee died, I was able to use Absolution, a combat res, that returned him at 100% health (and 50% mana for casters). This is a nice ability for boss fights, if someone dies no one has to stop dps or heals for this combat res to be used, and it is only on a 5 minute cooldown. I finished the fight with 100% mana, never had to stop attacking or worry about my mana pool, helped healer the party, my healer and ressed during combat, all while tanking through a ground pound that normal a non cleric tank (from what I understand) has to move out of the AoE.

I am sure there are other ways to spec into cleric tanking, I am in a work in progress of testing and will try a couple of other specs to see if there is additional uses throughout the other trees and will update this post accordingly.

At the time of this post (or edit) here are my stats self buffed only:
(mainly the tanking ones)
Health 8846 Armor 8730 (57.32% mitigation)
Toughness 120 (240%) Dodge 106 (2.51%)
Parry 1046 (16.93) Block 246 (11.94% goes to 31.94% with precept of refuge which should always be up)
Physical Crit 321 (17.17%) Hit/focus 148 (29.60%)


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Confirmed as OP.

Was impressive to be a part of.

Did you realize midfight that you could heal through the pound? It looked like you got hung up on a rock trying to get out and discovered it wasn't that bad.

Riftstalker is another tank spec that does well on that fight with their teleport to get out of the ground pound.

edit: Best part of Totek being stationary the whole fight is being able to engage at max range and not have to reposition. I pulled ~600dps, usual for single target if I'm paying attention to cd's/dot's , on that fight, which is usually much lower due to having to stop and reposition after pounds as the tank gets him repositioned.
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I stopped reading at "YES, they spelled judgement wrong" Hahahahaha
Tears rolled down my cheek :D
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I played cleric tank loads myself (150 toughness, etc). Had no difficulty tanking any boss in t1/t2's. I found it better to tank with 2hander; mitigation is quite the same honestly. Maybe a tad better with shield; but; the use of 2hander offers alot more spellpower to aoe heal with (lots of time you won't need offhealers).

Also, you should know that the ability from shaman tree "lust for blood" is well worth investing in. It works and it's bugged, sine the attack isn't physical the buff never goes away. :P

2hand build has a major downside to it tho; you practically need a warden healer to keep you up. Rest just won't cut it. As mitigation comes from parry, it's more helpful to have hots ticking rather than having huge heals coming that most of time get's blocked off by parry. Block, as it only blocks a portion of the damage, is much better with those kind of healers.

I actually use both setups, but I very rarely need to use shield setup. It's useless for elemental bosses, and has much less damage to it aswell. 2hander rocks for trashes aswell.

edit: also how I build, dps never had to wait, and nobody ever could pull aggro from me. It's worth considering, no? :)

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Originally Posted by Ruis View Post
I actually use both setups, but I very rarely need to use shield setup.
past my friend
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I use Duracell, Tank, and heal specs while we raid and Naus made them all. his specs are 3/3 for me so far.
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   [juhj-muhnt] Show IPA
an act or instance of judging.

Also, especially British , judge·ment.

Spelled what wrong?

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http://riftsoulbuilder.com/soul_buil...cbf125dd6b850d i really like this build the extra armor is really nice and it was something different i haven't had any problems with it. and doctrine of authority is really nice also
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Cool build, but there's still 4 points to drop somewhere.

2nd... Jaguar gives about 1% dodge, but Bear gives 1% parry and about 2% block, so what's the compelling reason to pick Jaguar over Bear?
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ummm.... you might not want to question Naus... he will kill you.
that is all.
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